artist statement

Physical and unseen
I am fascinated by ambiguities. I strive for my paintings to be multi-layered, both in a metaphorical and a formal sense. I find they are about expressing what can’t be said verbally, what is a bit bashful and fragile. I want them to be slow and on the contrary to hectic and excessive world of economy growth, where charts need to tally, everything has to be done fast and where income is the priority, and not the actual value or quality.
I divide my body of work into two paths of research. The first one pertains to the condition of the psyche. I believe I talk about things that are in a way universal, yet often neglected in everyday life, as we are too much in a hurry to focus on our emotional and mental state. I try to concentrate on the vulnerable part of human being, as I strongly believe that what is inside, has an impact on the outside, therefore figures that I show are often subject to many ‘procedures’ - dividing, opening inside, crumbling. It is through exaggeration and grotesque that the subconscious element can be described and visualized. My art is also evolving to talk about relationships in micro and macro scale. It is striking how we look for mutuality. We wrestle, but simultaneously we need one another, as we are connected in the network, relying and depending on each other.
Observing dependencies brings me to the second element of my research. Studying products of human activity, and the impact of humans on nature is another part of my interests. Yet approaching the subject of urbanization is a challenge, as I am constantly looking for means of expression. The subject of coexistence of nature and architecture became a major research subject, as I observe that the balance that I was looking for in the past, does not exist. And it is here again, where I want my paintings to become dreamy and surreal, and my art, in general, to exceed two dimensions.