Pool, fragment of a polyptych, oil on canvas/own technique

There is a theory according to which the history of planet Earth could be presented as a 24-hour film. It has been estimated that the Earth is about 4.56 billion years old. If this is the case, multicellular plants – such as green algae – appeared on Earth at 7 p.m., while the first multicellular animals resembling modern sponges arrived at 7:15 p.m. Terrestrial plants appeared at 8.20 p.m. At 10.25 p.m., the first mammals emerged. About 7 million years ago, at 11:58 p.m., an ape living in Africa was the last animal ancestor of modern humans and the closely related dwarf chimpanzees. Between 15 and 28 seconds before the end of the film, Homo erectus appears, able to control fire. Approximately 200,000 years ago, i.e. 4 seconds before the end, modern man, Homo sapiens, comes on the stage.

The room contains works created between 2017 and 2023 that refer to chaos as a creative, primordial element. Life forms are emerging, developing, dying out. Reality ebbs and flows, and we move with it. We are a blink of an eye and not much really depends on us. And I don’t know how (if at all) important we are from the perspective of Earth’s existence.

Pool, polyptych, oil on canvas/own technique

IT-5548 (Mouths) , a part of the polyptych, 100x130cm, oil on canvas

The cloud, 100x170cm, oil on canvas/own technique

Pool 2, diptych, own technique