Eating the Serpant, 2022, aquarelle on paper, 40x30cm

And of woman as source of temptation the Scriptures have already said enough. Ecclesiastes says of woman that her conversation is like burning fire, and the Proverbs say that she takes possession of man’s precious soul and the strongest men are ruined by her. And Ecclesiastes further say: “And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nest, and her hands as bands “. And others have said she is the vessel of the Devil. [Wilhelm to Adso in the novel The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco]

Dear visitor to this website, be greeted by a temptress, a famme fatale, Judith, Salome and a praying mantis in woman’s skin. But it is no coincidence that I also refer to nature in my works. I find people’s atavistic fear of wildlife just as inspiring as their fear of the supposedly deceptive nature of women. That is why I’ve become interested in what hides in the shadows, in the darkness. I’ve become interested in mystery, because where there is uncertainty and ignorance, there also lurk fear, superstition and prejudice.

Sleeping with a harpy, 2023, 170x120cm, oil on canvas

***, 2022, aquarelle on paper

New coming, 2022, aquarelle on paper, 46x23cm

Eating fear, 2022, aquarelle on paper

Psycho dance, 2022, aquarelle on paper, 33x34cm

Merry Marry, 2023, 110x150cm, oil on canvas

Influensjerra Melancholija, 2023, 110x150cm, oil on canvas